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As a first responder or medical professional, you have a large responsibility to protect others. Let Liberty Sport do our part in protecting you and your eyes with our PPE eyewear. Your eyes should be of the highest priority as you work through harsh conditions day in and day out. Our various first responder safety glasses are designed with first responders and those who protect our communities in mind. We carry regular eyewear as well as an assortment of first responder sunglasses.

With over 40 years of optical and engineering expertise, Rec Specs’ high-performance, reusable PPE eyewear delivers the protection with the durability, stability, and comfort to get them through their toughest shifts.

Rec Specs’ high-quality, reusable performance eyewear is engineered for optimal comfort and vision performance. These close-fitting, fog-resistant safety frames can be worn under face shields comfortably when splash protection is required. And they’re Rx compatible.

Rec Specs PPE frames meet the CDC, OSHA, FEMA, and HHS guidelines for protective eyewear as well as the ANSI Z87 standard.

To order your own PPE safety glasses, purchase online or find a retailer near you.


Rec Specs PPE: High Performance Vision Protection for Medical Professionals

For over 40 years, professional and amateur athletes have relied upon Rec Specs for protection, vision stability, and endurance. These features are critical to perform at the top of your game in sports, but also to see clearly in dynamic and intense medical settings. Rec Specs are protective, stable, fog-reducing, and are approved PPE, worn by medical professionals for years as a comfortable, high-performance PPE solution.

If you are purchasing PPE eyewear for yourself, or your team, call to inquire about our latest offers on your wholesale order.

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